December 31, 2011

M(a)ess resolution!! -2012

I actually wanted to list down some resolutions I wanna make for the next year, I had a talk with myself which was almost a mess...Here I am noting down, just see what happens when Bubblegum talks to Bubblegum for the new year resolution.....

"You need to focus on career!!"

"You need to prove yourself at office! You have to live in the profile you have been given!"

"Just have a look at yourself! Stamina ki game baja dali hai!Do something!"

"Photography and dancing?!!Common start again!"

"What resolutions!! Jaanede!! Kuch nahi hoga!!"

"Kya time pass kar rahi hai!! You just focus on cousin's wedding preparations!"

"Forget about resolutions , you need to live the last day first and no plans till this moment!!"

"Bubblegum, your health!! Take up something!!"

"For god's sake , the music on the central speaker is pathetic, somebody change it!!"

"Charakha chalati maaaaaa............Stop it....You need to take up something!!"

"Omg, book a ticket to Amdavad, how will you go to cousin's wedding!!"

"Resolutions baby resolutions!!!"

After  a lot of brain-storming, I came up with some resolutions to be taken by me!!
  1. I will to focus on my career!
  2. I will focus on my health! I will drink water properly , I will walk/jog/dance regularly.
  3. I am not going to have chocolates & coffee now!! Yess!! I need an approval from Mumma yet! :D
  4. I will control my mood swings :D
With some super-disciplined resolutions I will pamper myself a bit with following activities, I am lazy for them!
  1. I am going to buy an I-Pod or a smart phone!! :)
  2. I am going to make a new collection of earings and anklets, wont misplace any of them!
  3. A fish pedicure?!! I am scared!! Phewww!! :D
  4. I am going to read , read and read!!!
"  Hai kisime itna dum jo le sake itni sari kasam!! " :P

Bubblegum is gonna be strong enough to take up the m(a)ess resolution this time!! :)


  1. Hey, all the best for living and achieving each of your resolutions!! :)

  2. @Shkhar: Thank you so much!! :)