December 13, 2011

Countering the countdown!

Yeah He is coming. Exactly after 10 days! He would be in Mumbai!! Oh my god! My brother will be in the same city for the full week!

I will try to walk as fast as I can , but damn I can not promise ,He was the Rajnikant of the office and The walk is the exact replica of Gandhiji's walk for Dandi kuch!

I am ready to sit as much time as he wants for eating stuffs he loves!! Yeah yeah I have made the list of places which can  make him enjoy his favourite food!

I am ready to stay late and roam around!! Obviously he is gonna come to drop me back! Super cool na..Some more time to bug you, dada!

Damn, I cant take more leaves , but I know he will come to office and meet the left outs! I know I am the only one from the  gang but he gotta meet a few folks specially!

I promise I will keep mum, whenever my fertile mind will create a fully falatu PJ! I can not be sure though!

I hope he is happy with a few decisions I have made , I would definitely like to see his expressions!

I know he has to do shopping over here! I just love to help him for the same!

The gift he had given on Rakhi is a big hit over here and It actually reminds me.. now only 10 days..He will be here!!

Hey, CCD is missing him..Ahhh...Not more than me! I will drag him there with one more buddy of mine! :)

He is going to miss his sister and the city more than anything else in the world! Just let him come to Mumbai!

Yeah the perfect 'Ten'! I have started countering the count down!!

PS: Shane..Shanpatti dada ke age nahi chalanewali!


  1. Woh tera dada hain...mera to dost hain....


  2. @Shana: Bhai bhai hota hai!! Dosti ko mein marungi goli!!