December 4, 2011

When Amdavad called me...

Papa's accident, Parent's 25th wedding anniversary and my brother's birthday made me go to Amdavad with all my desires to meet them! The totally relaxed evening on the day I was leaving made me sleep in the train , listening to  blabbers by  2 tiny girls in the same compartment! I must say, my twisted leg and my mood both were saved by my friend who came to drop me at the station ! :)  I was still sleepy when I had to get out of the train at Kalupur railway station and when I reached home I realized , my 5 years younger brother is a damn good driver!!The shock, seeing papa's legs blew up my mind and I  blurted out my anger which was followed by smiles by papa!! :P

The booking of tatkal return ticket made me relaxed and my sleepy desires evaporated which were replaced by my hopes to feel home , chat with mumma papa and frock buddy N..and and......a loooong list was made in the famous fertile mind!

The rest of the day was spent in meeting all relatives and not to forget cousin's wedding  shopping & planning of course!I met my most good looking and cutie pie cousin-The 2 years old rock star-->Paisa vasool trip! Papa's leg was the constant source of attraction and mood swings for me and I can really say now 'My papa strongest!" :) I really don't want to see him like this!

The evening walk with my frock buddy N was all refreshing and satisfactory! I hope I haven't missed any story to share N! :P I was looted by my brother under the 'bahana' of his birthday :) , followed by our all time favourite yummy kulfi session!

I must say by the evening, I was missing Mumbai and obviously the life and the pace of Mumbai!

The second day went into preparations of Pooja at home and the Pooja which was followed by a long chatting sessions with my dear Buas and masis :) I am pretty excited for my cousin's wedding in January now and I am the eldest of all Salis you see! :) Oh I forgot to mention my bua's gift to my papa , 'a kettle' (chai wali aluminium made) to avoid the kind of accident which got him burns on his legs during taking steam to cure his cold! :P :P The idea to take steam was given or say prescribed by my Doctor bua , the same bua.. and so the blame of the whole accident was shifted from my papa's carelessness to Bua's 'daktari talim'! :P I must say...'My papa Smartest!' :P

Leaving Amdavad made me feel odd-a mixture of feelings! 1.5 Days were not sufficient to fulfill all 3 purposes of my visit adding number of people I wished to meet. I was feeling low at the same time, thanks to some friends and my office, I still had an attraction to reach Mumbai as soon as possible! I have become the true 'Mumbaikar' it seems!! :) But I can not forget 'Apanu Amdavad', my home for full 22 years!! :) Not to forget I left my Papa like that , but my Mom and my elder buas can handle him properly! :P

Rest, Yes I am missing home!! :( Looking up to meet all my people over here to overcome the low wala feeling! I hope in/by  the evening, I will be the same super fine Bubblegum! :)

PS: Dont worry Shane- I will come with the 'real-me emotions and expressions' soon! Trying hard! :)


  1. Good blog...enjoyed your dad ka blame shift..really witty.Btw u did not say who came to drop you to the station..


  2. @Shana: Again shanpatti! Arey the same who made me 'green' and supported 'go green' movement :P

  3. nice it was the mood u wer in dat day, sounding so excited :P

  4. @Sam: Beta usme excitement kahan dikha??? Mumbai aa batati hu... :P