December 7, 2011

The story of a group..

Characters: Office Lunch group members:

Girl Lunch group 1(GLG 1), Girl Lunch group 2(GLG 2),Girl Lunch group 3(GLG 3),Girl Lunch group 4(GLG 4)
Boy Lunch group 1(BLG 1),Boy Lunch group 2(BLG 2),Boy Lunch group 3(BLG 3)

A very happy-go-lucky , best buddies group!!


GLG 1 resigned , All were very very happy for her! She was going to study after all!! :)

BLG 1 resigned, All were very happy for him, he was fed up with the job and got a fantastic job offer in a new city!!

GLG 4 got a transfer in a new city. She was going to get married! All were happy!

BLG 2,GLG 2  resigned. All were feeling alone but we were very happy for the career jump they had but cribbing had started. Oh, the 'all' word was too big for 2 people.

Yesterday, BLG 3 resigned. GLG 3 is not so so happy now. Now the Lunch Group is not a group.

She is alone, and its me :/

PS: Okay guys and girls, I do have an excellent masti group still dwelling on the floor and amazingly understanding best buddies with me. I just miss my perticular LUNCH GROUP! I have a bigger lunch group now..Thengah to all GLGs & BLGs!


  1. ohh :(
    very sad sad incidents from ur p.o.v...but u r always welcome to our G though its not a LG but an ICG :P

  2. @Sam: tune PJ master ko gurumaiya banaya hai kya??

  3. actually kya hai ke, hume PJ(or DJ or watever) walon ko CJ marna pasand hai

  4. @Sam: Sam ke bachche........Tu mumbai aa pehle!

  5. I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.

    - A wise man

    The Show must go on!!!!paapi pet ka savaal hain


  6. @Shana: yeah hum sab akhir PPAPi hai :P :P

  7. Paapi Gudiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Shana: No gudiyas over here buddy!She is a young matured grown up lady! :P

  9. ohh............ok ..Paapi Budhiya!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Mr.Anon/Shana: Thanks for comparing my maturity with a budhdhiya!:)