December 21, 2011

No 'sine' of stability

"Oh god , Almost all team-mates are not there in the office , What am I suppose to do?!!"

"Oh, She is back in the office!!!" *Happpy Happy*

"I am not allowed to take tea or coffee now , how will I survive?!"

"Omg, So many mails to answer and No approval authority available!?"

"I think, I will buy a new book today."

"I need to drink water , Why am I being so lazy for that?!"

"My mobile is gonna give me dhokha any time!! I need an i-pod too!! He raaam, kya lu?!"

"I need to re-start jogging or dancing!!"

"Why the hell, I need to follow up so much with vendors!!"

"When is my bro-buddy is gonna come!!2 Days more!!" :(

"Hell, Shane where are you!!" :(

"Oh , I cant drink coffee!"

"What mom will be doing? I will call her afterwards."

"Papa is good now!! Lets mail him!"


I think the curve of my mood is no more a sine curve. It has lost the normal formation and entered into an abnormal , swinging-abnormally-zone!


  1. But doesn't this mean that "sab normal hai"? :D

  2. @Shekhar: Nah re....The graph should be a dottteddd line!! :P The daunting one!! Toh its normal!! :P

  3. better have an off day

  4. I hope it reached sanity?or the positive amplitude was reached.


  5. @Sam: Haaaa....Not a day may be a vacation!? :P
    @Shana: Nah nah..Better you watch out!! Sanity is not possible in my case! :P