December 21, 2011

A solution for the swing-Mood swings!

After this and this....... I decided to watch a movie at 11 in the night!

Ah, I forgot to mention, I am a proud owner of my most favourite movie 'Chupake Chupake'! Yes the old one-Hrishikesh Mukherjee creation , Dharmendra , Sharmila tagore, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri! I opened the movie and the title track started playing with flowers coming on the screen!

The rhythm, Sur-taal-lay ,made me go to the song in the movie where Jaya Bhaduri is singing in the garden!(I have watched this movie zillion times and so I can aramse relocate the song from title to the actual situation of the song in my mind!)

The effect of the song , composition and the singer's honey-like (Shehed jaisi?!) voice made me go into the trance.............

Chupake Chupake Chal re Purvaiya.....
Bansuri Bajae..Raas Rachaye daiya re daiya..
Gopiyon sang kanahiya......

The semi-classical song by The Great-Lata Mangeshkar! The rhythm dragged me into a state where my mind was just relaxing! I was in the same garden and I was feeling the same rose and the breeze may be Jaya Bhaduri is feeling in the movie!! (I know I know , I can hear 'Nautanki!'!)

May be the solution to normalize the curve of my mood swings is here!! The Music! Songs!! &...

May be a day off to a garden or a walk on the silent beach! :)

PS: I was so sleepy after the title track that I dint watch the movie!! Thanks Shane for  the  movie!! :)


  1. For use in future, add this song to your iPod RIGHT NOW !! :D

  2. Amazing write-up.. :)

  3. @Shekhar: Hahahaha.....But then the same medicine wont affect after some days! :P I gotta find new every 15 days! :P

    @Anon: Thanks!! I hope I know who you are! :P