December 13, 2011


I was always very much into Gujarati literature during my schooling. I was such a passionate reader that Mumma and my Ma(dadima) used to hide books (new books) into their cupboards so that I don't finish them in a few days! If I am not found anywhere ,they used to find me in a corner with a book in my hands!

I had got the most amazing gift on my 5th birthday or something from a relative of mine , that on each birthday I would get books of my choice of X amount! Though Papa had to pay almost more than the X , but it was the reason I always looked forward to my birthday!I fell in love with books and languages due to the gift!

The best out come of my reading was my hold on Gujarati Language! Obviously I owe almost 80% of my hold to my 'the best school in Gujarat ' and my family. I started reading English afterwards I guess, I never looked back then. Hindi books I don't remember many , but yes, due to films and passion for songs I had started polishing Hindi and Urdu as well.I used to listen to Urdu-Hindi ghazals and develop my vocabulary.I loved reading books of 'Pehli','Dusari' and 'Teesari' exams of Hindi.My skills were always into reading and speaking in languages! I think blogging has given me a new direction of writing in languages I love!

I love Indian Languages like anything. I guess after Marathi and Bangla (Malayalam and Tamil is not possible in this birth but I would love to try!) German and Mandarin would be the next! :P

I have learnt a few sentences from my Mallu friends ("Enikyu manasi layla!") and Tamil friends ("Tamil Teriyad") Of course Bangla ,I can understand a bit and "Marathi bolnar sathi atmavishvas pahije azun!."

Before starting any new language seriously, I would love to polish my English and Hindi! I make zillions of mistakes when I write , I would say they are typos but but..I need to be the best! :)

I think learning languages , adds some sparks into your personality. If any one makes fun of any particular words or accent, my dimag goes mad! Be it 'Che' from Gujarati , "Ache" from Bangla ,"Poda" from Malayalam!

I would like to quote a dialogue from my favourite movie 'Chupake Chupake', The Hrishikesh Mukherjee fame...

"Bhasha apne aap mein itni mahan hoti hai ki uska mazak nahi udaya jata!"

I guess I need to glue back to my books and start polishing my not-so-polished languages and improve!

PS: Yeah the post seems to be like summing up random thoughts about 'Bhasha', but I think I need to polish 'Bhasha' first and think about writing in a structure afterwards! :P


  1. quite enlightening...hope u learn all d 22 languages of our country...

  2. mAZZZaaaakkk???...I dont think this is in one of the 22 languages of the country..or a language in the world..U have concocted a language of your own..


  3. @Shana: Oye firse shanpatti... But true, better you stay way from the language, If I would start speaking in the same , you will hide somewhere behind the vehicle you make :P

  4. "Bhasha apne aap mein itni mahan hoti hai ki uska mazak nahi udaya jata!"

    *nods head* True true.. very true.

    On that note... "aapka vaahan chaalak upasthit hai" ... LOL.. :D

  5. @Shekhar: Hahaha...Do you remember 'Saheb hum hastaprakshalan karke ate hai!!' :P

  6. ROFL... My Dad loves that line!! Ha ha.. sometimes before a meal he will tell me: 'hastaprakshalan kari ne aao' (Gujju).

  7. @Shekhar: Hahahahaha....It seems...Tamara pitashri khub j shuddha Gujarati uvache che...Hahaha...Leave!! Not more then this! I would get brickbats!! :P