December 23, 2011

Friday ka Fundae!

So, I was having a talk with my best buddy , about my future. Yes I was worried! I explained my problem and the root cause of worrying!! (Now its a different story where I tell everyone 'Tension leneka nahi deneka!!)

He gave me first solution which means immediate action, execution and the mission successful!! No worries ,juice pivanu majjani life!! But but but , A risk!! The mission might fail, though I have some confidence! But, it may cause the pain of my life!! (Ahh, sounds filmy!)

I told him 'Next!"

He gave me the second option/solution,which requires patience and time both! I will be worrying about it till the right time will come,though risk will be less, may be pain will be less!

I told him 'The second option is safe!'

The only one sentence he told me , punched my mind!! 'Dont be safe!!!'

How true!! If you play safe, don't take risk, you might not get what YOU want!! My senior, my super boss and my inspiration as a leader always tells, 'Demand what you want!!' and so, the 'Dont be safe' punch line be the base of 'Demand what you want'!!

Speechless!! No arguments!!

'Dont be safe, demand what you want'!!' :)

PS: I think I am going to think over the new fundae of my life!! I promise!! :)


  1. nice blog!!!


    Dont be Safe!!!!!
    Wrong advice for curbing population


  2. @Shana: I thought you dont eat Non-veg!

  3. hahaha...the comments seem more interesting then d blog itself!