December 1, 2011

For the boy!! :)

Disclaimer: A long post and one can find it random and silly as well.

Well I still remember the moment, I saw some hours old baby in the cradle.I had told mom he looks like a ‘shiyal’! It means 'he looks like a wolf!'( It is shocking na!He was still looking pink and brown..)Yeah mom said 'He is your brother!'.. Apparently he became too too cute although that I realize now, cherishing old photographs!People used to call him 'Ganu' (A short form of Ganapati!) looking at his cute and big belly which is a god gift! I remember his habit of calling me ‘dida’ as he couldn't speak up my complex name! :)

I will divide the time frame of my life in 4 parts:
1.       He was a tiny little creature in front of me.
2.       He was now a baby boy running here and there and still I looked like an elder sister (best period!!)
3.       He was now competing me in terms of height and size! People had started noting that he is almost of my height ! ( I used to deny the fact!!)
4.       He was no more in competition with me.He had grown beyond limits and I looked like an ant in front of him!! (This is a permanent thing now !!)

 As general siblings theory I never used to feel jealous instead as per my baby book by my mom I had become ‘samajdar’! (Now I know some friends of mine will laugh a loud but dears.. This is a fact!).. but yes.. I do recall some moments when papa used to make him eat on the dining table and I used to feel jealous!! Especially when papa used to make him sleep sitting on ‘Hinchko’ (jhula) and singing classical songs..!! ( I never told you papa ,I used to feel jealous!! ).Gradually the 'J' factor vanished and sometimes caring and sometimes a typical sibling relationship started.He was a free baby. He only needed food if someone has to take care of him and that someone can be any one unlike me who always needed mumma and papa!But but but....Now you can see the 'J' factor over here!Ahem!

Now frankly in some ways he was a fast learner.I learnt how to ride a bicycle with the help of papa and I suppose my brother learn it after some months on his own though he is 5 years younger to me!! There are a number of things he always learnt faster than me!Now it includes car driving too!I was shocked when he told me that he will come to pick me up from the railway station tomorrow in the morning!! :P

He was always a BBC radio for me.If I made Greeting cards on some occasions for our parents and show to him,The next moment I would go out and he would tell mom about the gift.I used to cry and foolish I was , I would again tell him next time I made something J

I remember all pillow fights ,pencil fights to dhabba fights!! (dhabba is beating each other on back!! Yes we did it!!)  and when mom would come to shout we would change colors like chameleons.. ‘majak karta hata!!’( we were doing masti!!) .. He had destroyed number of paintings or notes of mine.. and maybe I had done the same.. :P

There are some very prominent differences in out personalities.From the very first day, I was a premature baby and he was an over weight baby.I used to be a passionate reader and made a large collection of books which he never ever touched!He is a big big automobiles fan and may be he is the person with the help of whom I cracked my first job in an Indian OEM! I used to struggle to identify cars! :P I am a complete chatterbox and he is NOT! He hates drawing!! I used to get horrified by seeing his science diagrams!I am all in if someone clicks my photos and he would never ever smile while giving(or not giving?) a pose!

Calling him at 7 PM to come home from play ground was always frustrating for me..!!I dint want mumma to shout on him for being late. 100 of times I had taken his sides.. and the next moment mumma papa would go we would shout on each other!! J

I still remember the night before I left home to join my first job..! He was happy !! why?? He would get to sleep on my bed plus some cupboards and things will get transferred to him!! And logically I would have felt the same if in his place!! Lolz!

He is a nice TABLA player (He should start it again!), A very nice singer ( We always used to sing in duet and sometimes create chaos at home!.. A good cricketer (as all Indian guys want to be!),A tennis player,A robotic enthusiastic like me.. J with all his laziness which irritates us ;) and his being no sharing son for mom (All guys are so mom!!!)..A shant brother for me (I know  I know  I talk on his behalf also!)..and the (cold ) warrior against papa!! Hehehe…

Although a caring son when nobody is at home (controversial statement may be!!)..A caring brother (when I am out and I want some one to pick me!lol!)..

I can’t say all these memories mentioned are enough as I know,memories are always in making!! And I feel the'huge'younger brother of mine ( looks like a body guard for me!) will do what is the best for him! Dreams are yours and do what your heart says *! (*=conditions apply!!! I am his didi ok!!)

After all these dhamakis and reloading memories , I  wish the boy..

A very very happpppy wala birthday!! :)


  1. nice one !

  2. Santhosh PhilipDecember 02, 2011

    Touched the heart! I wish I had a sister too.. :)
    - Santhosh Philip