January 16, 2012

A bug

The actual nature and personality traits of bubblegum is bugged.

Bole to pakk gae hai.

So so many events coming up. Cousin's marriage to a very very good friend's marriage. Some hadse also came up in professional life.

The otherwise over extrovert personality doesn't like to be in a group of friends for more than 2 hours. The bubblegum cuddles up the blanket , takes a book from current stock she has and reads. The Internet freak girl doesn't open the laptop, doesn't process clicks she has taken. She doesn't like to eat. She is missing the music and still she is not listening to the same.

She is not missing home, she is not missing her lunch group. She is not missing anything.

She is missing Harry Potter Book-4. 'Harry Potter & The goblet of fire'!!

She will get the book soon and the 'soon' will come in 3 days,hopefully. The debugger book is awaited eagerly.

PS:The Harry Potter fever is on. Thank you very much!


  1. 'seems u r on ur way to become a sanyasan'

    dhinktana dhiktana dhiktana dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

    1. Yeah but before my sanyas I will win the battle! :P