January 27, 2012

A feel

Life is beautiful. Yes, its a God gift and only The God will take it from us. It makes me feel disgusting when I hear some one did suicide or tried to kill herself/himself. He or She is coward if they can not face the bitter and sweet facts of life.

These people don't think of circumstances of the act they did or doing. Everyone even an orphan person is blessed with someone, let her/him be an unknown, who loves, who cares. The act of killing self is nothing but a crime. An act of killing your close ones emotionally , morally. In place of sympathy , I have developed heavy hatred and disgusted heart for them. Little less people know , I don't regret for the same. It disturbs me to such an extent that I just feel like screaming.It hurts.

Why don't we treat our lives to be the best thing happened to us? Why don't we just value it and value our relationships, which actually makes the life worth? Nothing in life is constant, with time it chooses its own pace and flow.We have to just flow with it. We may feel sad,happy,emotional,scared,angry,excited! But they are also the part of the package we have got with the gift 'Life'. We have to cherish and respect them all.

Why people play mask and hide themselves. Why do they change their identity to such an extent that they forget what they are and get into depression and try such acts. Why they have to bluff about what they are! Why to do things which let you down in front of your own people? If you do, why cant you have a heart and just rebuild the trust.

I am throwing all that what I have in my mind right now. But the truth is I don't feel like re-loving such persons and I am going to do what my heart says.

It says to just stay away, express and live what I create for my own life!

PS: Can some one play "The dynamite"? :) C'mmon!


  1. Bubblegum needs an Fire Extinguisher!!!!!!!

    So much aag!!!!!!jusified though!!!!


    1. :)Happy if expressing the AAG makes me feel better! :)Ah, I am already fine! :)

  2. Ram Gopal Verma would make AAG 2 based on your blog!!!!

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    2. I am ready to take my royalty then! :D