January 8, 2012

The Power is yours!

I loved The cartoon network channel and 'The captain Planet' character where the punch line of the hero was 'The power is yours!' zoooom!!! Shouldn't it be punch line of our life?

I am feeling ,yes it is and it should be.

I am a kind of 'Chocoholic' and a 'coffee-holic' person. I used to over indulge in both. The smell of both used to make me mad , though lately I had got a control over Chocolate craze but for coffee..!No! The worst scene-The coffee indulgence was creating havoc in my stomach! I decided to take the plunge and took a resolution on the new year eve, I started 'No chocolate-coffee movement'!!

Most of my friends and family members laughed on the resolution first. Some were very happy. My room-mate was sad as she wont get company now!! But.....I am doing pretty well!! :)

I am completely successful up till now. For some days the smell made me nervous but I took the daunting task! A day before yesterday, my room mate enjoyed the Sizzling browny in front of my eyes and I felt no urge to eat!The moment I realized 'The power is yours' punch line is the truth of life!

If you want to do something , you will do it! There should be no bahanas or arguments! By hook or by crook you will do it.

I am going to use my power for many things now. I have got the power!! :) I am going to sudharofy my sleeping pattern ,my eating habits. I am going to exercise and again Bubblegum is gonna beam with the shine of fitness! :) I am going to fulfill all my wishes related to hobbies. I have got the magic wand ;) (Yes, I have got the Harry Potter fever,Finally!)

I am going to do everything I want , with my will power!! What about you?? Because,

'The Power is yours!!'

PS: I am going to do all above things to keep myself fit and maintan my PJs below a certain level! :D


  1. keep 'refraining frm PJs' at top of the list...and d rest wil follow :P

  2. @Sam:Junior!!! Limit mein reh :D

  3. Hey, (sorry I dont know your name, and dont want to call u bubblegum) :P

    But ur posts are full of lyf, keep writing

  4. @AbhiC: Thanks. I dont mind if you call me by my blog-name.