January 26, 2012

The Dichotomy of Love!

I have spent my 21 years in Amdavad. I have a special attachment for Amdavad, just like the attachment of a child for a mother.The traffic jams, the super smooth (mostly) roads, kadi dhoop, the BRTS, everything. The first Monsoon showers, Makai-vada,Dal-vada and corns. The super hot and freaking summers and super chilled winters. I love and adore all what Amdavad gives us to dwell.Amdavad my first love.But then, I had to move. To make my own identity, to give a boost to my career.

The luck dragged me to my dream city Mumbai. Yes, I liked the city since my childhood. I always wanted to spend some years in Mumbai. I started loving the city and feel the Nasha. The lovely local trains, Dhoop-pasina, Misal to Kanda-poha. Kasa kay to kem cho! The whole city was mine. It made me independent.It made me what I am today. Gave me my closest buddies-my life. My karmabhoomi and yes, my heart skips a beat when I hear "Mumbai"!

Today, at 6 in the morning while coming back from railway station I was feeling the first love-The love for Amdavad. After 6 lovely days with my family and at my own Amdavad I was back. I was missing Amdavad so badly that , I just wanted to run back to the train. Suddenly I looked upon the road. The dusky-dark early morning, head lights were brighter and I could sense the speed of the life in Mumbai. Yeah My own Mumbai-Aamchi Mumbai. It was the dichotomy of love.

I couldn't decide, tears in my eyes are for which love-The dichotomy of love!


  1. Wow! Amdavad is worth visiting!

  2. WoW! Amdavad shd be worth visiting! tell me more abt amdavad...

    1. Ah, for that come to Amdavad,now your home!!

  3. ~smiles~ Exactly how I feel about Calcutta, Ahmedabad AND Mumbai. Born and brought up in Calcutta, studies a few years in Ahmedabad and now living in Mumbai. Gosh! Love Mumbai.