January 31, 2012

Yadon ki baarat..

Disclaimer: A silly-stupid-senti long post!

My this Ahmedabad trip was rocking as I have blogged earlier and one of the reasons was digging out my cupboards and bags at my new home.

Bechari mein , who don't know where my stuff had been kept at my new lovely home. (Okay, a different story-I hate to not to go to my home where I spent 21 years of my life!) I had decided , beside all the preparations and enjoyments I will be searching for all my stuff at my new place, after 2 long years of shifting!

So , I opened my cupboard and the bag..

The T-shirt of the signature day-Third year of my college! I read every message and tag lines and was lolling. I was named Don,Mayawati of mech,Tomboyish mechie, mechanical queen,Dakurani and what not! It was all fun. I remembered all my friends,seniors and batch mates. Fun!

I found out the bread-board. It was a forced gift by my senior bhaiya to learn some electronics to work well in robotics. I think I never used it for more than 2 times, I couldn't do more on electronics front and ended up well in love with mechanism design and applications in Robotics! My actual love :) 'Bhai, I need to learn electronics, though I will outsource it, you are there :D'

My robocon ID card/badge. It is a proud possession. No words. Only ABU ROBOCON participants can understand what it means for me. It is my proud, it is my life and it defined my career and the angle I look at the world!

The broach, My fai from USA had gifted some 17 years back!! Woooho! I think I can still flaunt it. It is unique and royal. I remember my-tiny-self carrying it off during every functions for some years.I still love it.

The yadein box. A pink lovely box gifted by my masi,some 15 years back. I love the shade and the pop-up compartment in it. It is stylish and I always used to show it off with proud to my friends!What does it contain?? My friendship bands with names of friends on some of them, colourful strings, tiny kites I had got from some exhibition, a Christmas paper-socks as a party invitation by West-side (I loved the idea,and copied it sometimes I guess),small bells,erasers of different shapes including a brush and some fruits,2 attar ki small bottles! Ah, I used to collect so so so much. I still do, and sometimes my mom calls me a garbage collector :D

The best one-My travel diary. I had written only 3 pages. :D My mom-dad had given me a small diary to write during our trip to Kolkata, then Calcutta, way back in 1995. I used to hate it, as I always wanted to have fun with my cousins and not to waste time in writing. If I see now, I myself, write travelogues. :D The best feeling during this 'yadon ki baarat' was-reading my own tiny,'ok ok' types hand writings and the silly write-up, that too in Gujarati.The write up described metro station which had made me so so curious at that time.

My mom at once asked me not to carry them with me in Mumbai as she herself wants to preserve them now. I couldn't stop myself from clicking pictures.

It is sometimes good to welcome a 'yadon ki baarat'. It made me emotional,happy and proud!

PS: Have a look at the second picture! I found it funny!! :D Can somebody play "Yadon ki baarat nikali hai aaj"? I am in the same mood!


  1. Digging out one's own long lost "tidbits" is the bestest entertainment ...right now, i feel like going home and open up my cupboard...

  2. :) Do it! Will certainly make you feel special!