January 29, 2012

The freaky Funday-Sunday!

I call my this Sunday, a freaky fun day for several reasons!!!

After this mindset of mine,I think I needed a break. We (I cant go anywhere alone! I am a group person mostly!) made a plan of watching a play-Gujarati Play. As usual I can not stand myself spending a day without doing any 'kands'! So of course the Sunday had to be freaky-funday!

In the local train while calling my mom and a didi of mine, a station came and from the window I could see the name of the station 'Dadar', the train started slowly and I realised this was the station I had to get down at. :D So, finally with all my energy (Yeah, Boost is the secret!) I rushed to the door and got myself on the station safely, while recalling all science and physics lessons of Newton's third law and moment of inertia.:D
This stunt is not performed by any experts, it was a fluke and kindly don't try it at all! :D

After the excitement 1, as usual I reached a wrong place where my friend had to reach from the very opposite direction of the station , how honest he is, he actually purchased a next station ticket to control the next probable kand of getting trapped by a ticket checker!

A good incident also happened, The play was excellent. Yeah you guessed it right, it was a comedy play 'Ek bijane nadata rahie.' The second jhataka was waiting where a friend's friend thought I was married! What the hell!! I am surely not angry on the aunt, whom I met in my cousin's wedding who thought I am still young to get married now! :D She thought I am still a college going girl! I like it!:D

After having zillions of small laughter attacks thanks to the play , we left the auditorium. Like good boys and girls , when we saw a temple just opposite to the hall, we went inside and had darshan.  :D Little less I know, the darshan was the solution to my next kand.

Before leaving for our respective places, we thought of having some snacks. We took a taxi and again I was busy in calling a friend of mine.Enjoyed Gujarati snacks after a long (3 days?!) time and proudly announced that I am going to pay! The kand got disclosed,when I started taking out my wallet from the handbag! It was not there! Emotional attack, I was scared. My debit card, licence and what not was in my lovely wallet!This is the second time I had lost it!It was gone. *Sobbing mentally!*

We thought I left it in the taxi, the bill was paid,obviously not by me. I ran out and tried to find the same taxi,which was like searching something from the air ,(Hawa mein hath marna?!) My friend suggested we should go back to the auditorium and check. First thing I was thinking of blocking my debit card ,I was lost- remembering how lucky last time I was, when I got my purse back,3 years ago. I thought  better to go home and get my card blocked.An ummed jagi when, suddenly I realized, when I was praying in the temple only my mobile was in my hands! I had difficulty in praying hath jodke! Eureka. Hopes and dreams were made in my dil-dmag.

We walked all the way to the hall, nervous I was, I told my pal (How cool he is, bechara was consoling me all the way!) to check in the hall and I would check in the temple. I got a call in 2-3 minutes from him that the wallet is just with the hall-cleaners and they want to cross check the owner's identity. To cut it short the best kand of the day was over. Ah, not actually the best.

The best one happened, when I reached my place. I went to a shop to buy milk just nearby and one lafanga mawali tried harassing me, tried to be touchy types and on the third attempt I threw all frustration of the last kand on him with One Tight Slap!!! Which was followed by some pitai by a female, shopping in the shop. :D

So the freaky Sunday which was actually special. I learnt, not to talk on phone while travelling, be careful with my handbags and...Not to get scared if harassed by any damn mawali! Thank you :D

Ah, It was a freaky-funday! Absoultely! Kands nahi karoge to kya hoga! Ramayan bhi 'kands' se bani hai!

PS: Shane, thanks for the moral support :D


  1. Oh great. U slapped a lafanga mawalli.

    Next time u must banish ur jhansi ki rani sword and rid this bharat mata of all mawalis!!

  2. isase achha ghar me baith k Austalian Open ka final dekhti to achha hota.........

    1. Dost finale match khud ko hi khelana chahie.. :D dusro ko dekhne mein kya fayada!

  3. all hail d chewingum, oops! bubblegum mata!!

  4. Indeed an eventful Sunday with the slap being the cherry on the cake :)
    Glad you enjoyed the show, got back your wallet and taught that mawali a good lesson :D