January 4, 2012


He was shouting on all camera men, He wanted a way out of the typical Mumbai ki bhid. He wanted to chase her and stop her!

He started pushing people away, yes, his persons were doing the same!

She was going , she was going with the guy. "May be a smarter chap , but She liked me!" he thought. She used to talk about him 24*7. She never missed a glance, she always stared him with proud lately.She knew he is an artist, he is the upcoming star.

"I was late, I should have talked to her sometime before." He shouted "Ouch"! He wanted to scream and say"You people, good for nothing. We have a life too! Go away!"

At last he reached the girl , he tried to snatch her hand from the guy. "The guy is tough to tackle",he murmured.

The girl gave him a khunnaswala look, said bluntly "You were just a crush , You are not suitable for a simple girl like me.You have to understand. I respect you only professionally."

A drop of tear came out of his eyes. He smiled and waved good bye.

I was smiling , rubbed off my eyes, The ego boosting dream! :)

Ah, The girl was 'Bubblegum' & The guy who cried was 'Ranbir Kapoor'! Silly me, I dint see who was holding my hand!! Damn!! :D
Yeah, Who cares! Ego already boosted :D


  1. It is rightly said that 'dreams allow u see the impossible'.Hehehehe..but nice post...


  2. @Shana: Thanks! And I wont stop dreaming! I might see the guy who was holding my hand! :D