January 11, 2012

Har ek 'dost' zaroori hota hai!

Friends. The most convincing word after family for me. I think all are my friends. But, for me there are 2 kinds of friends.

1. Who are best of best friends and remain the best.
2.Who were best friends but eventually moved on, cheated on to me or dint like me.

I will talk about the later one first. Yes I call them 'friends'. I have a very few of them in my life.I have some friends who actually were of the first type of friends, went into the second category and again came back to first.There are some who never ever came back or I dint allow them to come back. I may sound rude but then I don't colour all with the same brush. Should I ? I don't want the answer as I know I am going to follow what my heart is going to ask me to do.

These 'friends' made me emotionally strong , They made me independent , They made me confident,They made me realize the value of being real 'me'. Albeit by mistake, because they ditched. I am thankful to them to make me what I am today and I am proud to be 'myself' today!

About the first category. They are the 'Sanjivani' of my life. They make me feel high all the time! Without alcohol of course. They have the power to make me smile, to pull my leg, to laugh with me like crazy. They are my partners in playing pranks, They are victims of my pranks. They don't make me confident , they have confidence in me, and that's what make them special.They encourage me to be independent. They tell me the truth and They are my life. I don't only love them , I live them.

Here is to all of them. My bro-buddies , My Lunch group buddies, My frock buddy N, My college friends Sid and N, My bhailog group and last but not least, Yes Shane you too!! Thanks for being my 'Life'!



  1. Really well written...both in terms of content as well as style.

    Your emotions shone through...and I am also
    proud of 'urself'


  2. @Shana:
    *Ankho mein ansu* I am also proud of 'U'! Friend kiske ho! :D I can hear my bro-buddy calling me 'creditchor'! "D