January 24, 2012

I'm home..!

Oh yeee! I am home! The most amazing Amdavad trip! 10/10! Why...

Janane ke lie padhiye is episode ki Vishesh Surkhiya!

  • The weather is just awesome, chilled and ekdum dhinchak. The perfect weather to sleep and cuddle in my blanket till late,officially! 
  • I love my Papa,waking me up in the morning with a mug of milk prepared by him! :) Even if I am awake, I don't get up to experience this privilege!
  • My all kiths and kins (If at all I can use this phrase!) in Amdavad and Cousin's wedding is the best occasion to meet them all!Together!
  • Okay, I have to digest my sister Ms.PR is now Mrs.PG! Today!
  • Well, I have got my identical cousin!!! Yes! My Fai's Daugher Ms.SR is my identical twin according to our relatives! People actually made mistakes while greeting us for a number of times! We both feel, the nature and the behavior is same (Ah, read Dadagiri) but such mistakes?! Though we both happily accept our new combine name, 'Twin cousins!"
  • Me and my Twin cousin (TC) danced like anything in the wedding-Garba function and we both were ready to dance for some more hours. :D
  • Me n my younger brother simply love to go for a drive! He drives,okay!?
  • I have enjoyed the most amazing dishes on this earth in cousin's wedding!
  • My another Bua MM is amazed at mine and my fua NM's passion(?) for photography as we always side her and say "Ek min ek min fai let me click!" :D She thinks,she was the target person!
  • The most amazing Vidai I witnessed! The bride and her mother-Stronger and trying to control their emotions, the bride doesn't want her father to cry. Her best friend who is going to get married in 20 days starts crying heavily seeing her going, best friend's mother starts crying, all aunties start crying and the finale round caught me and my TC. TC, I am there and actually I am elder to you..! :D
  • Back to home from wedding, I just recalled, I will be leaving for Mumbai tomorrow!
  • I am in a blank state of mind right now, I am happy to go back to Mumbai, Yes I miss Mumbai.But, I am going to miss all at home. Can Mumbai come to Ahmedabad? :/


  1. may this 'samachar never get samapt'



    1. Thanks Shane! Samachar sampati ki ghoshna ko der hai. :)

  2. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time. :) Do share some of the off-beat snaps you might have taken, if you can.