January 3, 2012

Songs to jog!!

There are some songs you just love to listen to while jogging, walking or even dancing and gymming!

All peppy and loud songs  motivate and keep you on the track. There are some songs ,say soupy songs (Ref: Why this Kolaveri di!) or sad songs which make you go slow and there are some songs which make you do garba! :P You have to just stay away from them, if you don't want to do above mentioned forms of walking or jogging :D

There are some khatarnak rocking songs too which makes you do double!

For the slow jog "Ya ya Coco jumbo" (Yes, my  Hollywood playlist is of the stone-age! :P)
For a faster one " Hawaa Haawa" from rockstar really works.
I loved the speed of walking on the tune of "Ooh la la" :D
The title track of "Dil bole haddippa" is best of all for jogging!

Now here is some odd (Read:Weired songs to jog) songs I tried on jogging , and I still try to maintain the same momentum as songs given above! For a music lover like me , its difficult to not to react on motions of the song I am listening too in a proper way! (It doesn't mean I cry or become Devdas while sad songs are played,Chill!)

"Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di" (It could have made me go 'Ganpati dance' while jogging but I focused!! I wanted the song and my rythem of jogging both!!)

"Hum ko ajkal hai intezar" of Madhuri Dixit!" (Oh common , at least one Madhuri number I need na!Imagine the tune, still I tried to jog and I jogged!!)

"The winner takes it all" of ABBA", Its almost like listening to some one's blabbering and jog!!(I just love the song though!)

"Haule haule ho jaega pyar chhaliya" ... what??! Yes I can jog on this too!

The worst of all "Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aya hai"!! I jogged on this too!

"Hoshwalon ko khabar kya" from Sarforsh makes me jog, a jog with a lot of will power.

Any other weired song for jogging any one wanna throw on me to take up the challenge of jogging? :D


  1. how about ' tum jo mil gaye ho' .

    Thats a travel song.. and jogging is a kind of travelling..

    u would jog in slow motion and then as the tempo changes u would increase the speed.


  2. @Shana: I knew you will suggest this song!!! :D Well, I guess I should have only mood swings! :D I will look like a psycho-girl if my focus on jogging will swing with the song :D

  3. not the focus ....your focus will not change....only ur style......u will look like a pchycho girl? don't u already do? just curiosity.


  4. @Shana: Focus is directly propotional to the style. About the last statement : Keep your curiosity in control dear! You might get hurt physically! The locational difference keeps you safe I guess! :D

  5. I usually put the iPod on shuffle at the '500 greatest rock songs' as selected by the Rolling Stones magazine. :)

  6. @Shekhar: U must keep on jogging then..Non-stop :D