January 6, 2012

Why I love him!

He is my hero and he is my star!

He is proud to have me!

He is responsible for what I am today!

He never escapes from giving me time though he travels a lot! Never ever felt that he is not with me when he is on a business trip!

He is a patient listener when I keep on talking!!

He makes my morning milk-Bournvita!! He only has to give me to drink and that's a rule!!

He is the person who supported me like a rock when I thew myself into a class of only one girl-that's me!

He is always rigid about his ethics! Nobody can actually argue on his ethics! I have never seen him behaving or deciding something which is not in his ethic-books! He is my inspiration!!

He loves me a lot-Not on earth any one else loves me like that!!

And that's why I love him a lot!

He is my father, My papa! 

He is the person behind my freedom like this!

Happppppy birthday Pappppa!! :)

PS:Sorry Mumma! I love you too! But C'mmon He takes my side every time! :D


  1. A very Happy Birthday to your Pappa :)
    The P.S. is the show-stealer :)

  2. @My era: Thanks a lot :) :)