January 17, 2012

Passing the 'parcel'!

It is said that a new born baby gets her first 'Janamghuti' by her bua or any female person ,and some of that person's characteristics are transferred to the baby. One more belief is there, if a baby shows specific traits of a person, then it is said that 'woh vyakti ne sir pe hath ghumaya hoga!'

Now, in my case, my eldest bua had given me the 'Galthuthi' or 'Janamghuti' and I literally show her personality traits in my behavior since childhood. In fact, my other bua is also close to me and I also have inherent certain characteristic very precisely in me. They have passed the specific 'Parcel' of their personalities to me!

My cousin's daughter, who is said to be bubblegum-in-making has snatched the 'parcel' from me.She dances, she is chirpy , she is talkative and she is almost like me!She is moody too :D

I thought I think it was over. The baby Toofan (As I call her!) has got my parcel. The game is over.
Until, Last night.

I called up my office buddy, GLG 3! Who always used to scream and yell on me. "Oye Nauatanki" or "Nakhare nahi Bubblegum" "He ram meri maa, I don't know how your parents handled you" "Shant nahi beth sakti 2 min!?" and I used to irritate her to the core. She is like an elder sister cum buddy. The best, she has a lovely daughter of almost 23 months.The story comes on the track now.

I came to know the baby J,her daughter shows almost similar behavior,ditto like me, abhise!! I called GLG3 after some ages and we talked about the Baby J. The first thing she said, "Tu uske sir pe hath ghumake gai hai, woh masi pe gai hai bilkul." I was really glad, super glad to know that all my characteristics for which GLG 3 used to yell at me ,are shown by Baby J.

  • She is hyper active.
  • She is nautanki.
  • She doesn't sit at one place.
  • She dances when music in the air.
  • She shows attitude to boys other than her father :D
  • She has a huge collection of accessories.
I think I have passed the second 'parcel' too!! So, Mrs.GLG3, better try to praise me as all your statements are being registered in the parcel which your daughter has already got! :D

Have you ever passed the 'parcel'?


  1. ~laughs~ I don't know if I'll be passing on anything apart from my love for books to young ones. :D

    1. Thats a better parcel than what I have passed on :D

  2. Nice post!! Yes Yes It seems that I have passed on my parcel to my cousin sister's daughter.. The other day she was telling me - "Oh good deeps my daughter V is so much like you, nakrebaaz, the way she talks etc.. so much so that she says the same dialogue that u used to say in ur childhood days- "Ayyo it was paining there already and u hv beat me there only"" Nakre isnt it :)