January 28, 2012

Mein hu khush rang heena...!

So my trip back home was lovely, I really loved the wedding. The story is a bit different over here as I was dead tired due to travelling and obviously busy with work in my cousin's wedding. Some how I managed to click pics and so presenting some of them!...

I recall the song "Mein hu...Khush rang heena" looking at the color of wet mehendi! Just love the smell!!

PS: I agree the last click doesn't contain Mehendi :D. The third click is of the bride, I dint have that patience and time to wait to finish and click. I had work you see! :D Sorry Mrs.PG!
PS 2: I just have placed some information intentionally if you can find it out :)


  1. absolutely gorgeous shots :)
    I too love the far intentional information...are you engaged?? seeing to the last shot or are you talking about your name added with copyright??

    1. Thanks :) Engaged?? Noooooooooo nahiiiiii.... I am still the free bird :D
      and yes I added MY name ;)