January 1, 2012

Freeze it!

The last month of 2011 was of a great pleasure. I enjoyed the best moments of my life.

Last some days with my own buddies made me over joyed and not-so-emotional! I enjoyed them to the fullest and still doing the same.

A cheese cake with my gang of 4,  A chatterbox-dashing-smart friend of mine whom I met after months,2 most important buddies of my life, cool breeze , a sea shore and a walk to remember! Bliss..

Work pressure, getting bored, leaving office early and meeting  a sleepy (read: Very Sleepy!) friend of mine! :D Aha I don't let any one sleep in day time! :D

A nice movie with my best buddy , a cup of kulfi and shivering me! Oh I forgot to mention the laughter attack my buddy got when he saw me shivering! :D

A parcel from Papa with the most stylish shoes I can ever get and The best best 'Methichimet' to eat in winter by Mumma!!

A flop plan by me,some books,ice-creams,costa-coffee and 2 buddies!! Again the bliss!

I had so so many such wonderful small meets and moments I would love to live that I don't remember how will I mention them all!I must say I had also gone some downward sine-swings too but they were almost straightened by my buddies! :)

The feel of being together, being always there for each other,enjoying moments together-'God's greatest gift' to me!! :)

I just wanted to scream and tell everyone,
"Just Freeze it"!!
I want to dwell in the same freezed feelings!! Amen!

PS:My resolutions are going great even after some distractions offered by my buddies! :D


  1. Lock Kiya Jaye!!!!


  2. @Shana:One can always say "Aap Ja sakte hai Namaste!!" :P Kidding!! Please lock it Shaneji! :D

  3. Friends always bring out the best in us, don't they? Although they do tend to have this irritating habit of distracting us from our resolutions. :P

  4. @Shekhar: Very true! Specially if you are almost half a meter away from a creamy chocolate cake!