January 12, 2012

Every day is my day!

I was walking to reach office with no music today, for a change. I was thinking on why my 'yesterday' was pathetic and to some extent irritating.

I reached office yesterday and nothing fell in the place at first go. I had to tackle urgent issues,by hook or by crook. I experienced the perfect world of miscommunication , rigidity and mismanagement. From the first moment I reached office to the moment I left office, I was fighting, thankfully with the moral support from my team-mate and some of my buddies.

While walking today, I smsed one of my best friends to wish me a good day. I suddenly felt I was travelling into my past. The flashback.

I was all alone when I got a transfer against my wish to Mumabi. Yes, true Mumbai was my dream city since childhood, I dint want to come for some reasons. I was fighting all alone , Suddenly loaded with the work I dint know anything about. The only silver line was my work profile. My personal life was about only me. My business trips were eating up my health. I was adding fuel in the fire by developing disturbed eating habit, read "Skipping meals habits".My hemoglobin went all time low. I had some blackouts too. Obviously I had started making my friends and I was blessed then with the closest pals of mine. But, till then it was a bad phase.

Some friends cheated on to me , Some bluffed. I used to run to my home-town and feel the warmth of home. My happy-go-lucky nature had been suppressed to limits. I had started loosing my own self.

I realized,that was The bad phase,which I had to fight and I did it successfully. The 'Yesterday' was not. It was just not favourable.What happened afterwards in the evening!?It was all fine. I enjoyed my walks, I enjoyed talking to my buddies on call, I enjoyed reading till late and slept off with the book in my hand!

I think the 'yesterday' was anytime better.

It is true. We feel our day is dull and get scared sometimes. I think I have got a way to be happy as my bad phase is over long ago and it wont dare to come back to this all time fighter Bubblegum!

Now, every day is my day!

PS: The post may look silly and stupid, but then its all about me and my thoughts! :) I am not going to let any day go dull, and that's a promise!


  1. Amen to the PS..


  2. "fighter Bubblegum".. nice name. :) Remind yourself of this name in times of trouble and it will not only bring a smile but somehow make you stronger.

    1. :) I would like to try out the idea!