January 15, 2012

The Marriage-Mania!

Okay , let me declare:Its not my wedding. (Refer: This !)

Its my cousin's wedding. Manlo Ghar ki Shadi hai! My sister is going to come just some days before the W-day from USA and wost of  all I am just done with my own shopping :D Her's is left!

I was dragged for shopping some days ago by my another cousin living in Mumbai and The trap was formed by mom and her. I was looted by her for my own shopping like anything! My bank account is crying for the balance now! :D

Every day I look at the mess of things I have collected beside my bed for the wedding. I need to pack all them up and leave for Ahmedabad in some  4 days. I am clueless how I am going to travel with so much of Saman!!! Hell! I cant compromise with a single thing. Sorry!

My mom calls everyday. My bua (The would-be-bride's mom!) gives me dhamakis for coming as soon as possible. :D To add , I have also blamed my mom for showing over enthusiasm for my dressing :D Which was ignored! :( No, no she is not going to make me meet any random or not-so-random guy  in the function! I hope so!

My cousin, yes the would be bride threatens me to reach Ahmedabad on her arrival by mails.

Did I mention, my very very very good friend and the office buddy is getting married just after a day after my cousin's wedding in Mumbai. Thank you very much for keeping the gap. I am saved by either of them :D

Personally, I am not mentally ready to flaunt in the marriage of my cousin. I have just shopped everything and for not getting ready mentally or show the enthusiasm- I have been blamed too! :D

I am seriously scared of 3 leaves I have to take for the wedding! 3 din mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai at office!

For the first time in my life , I am feeling a lil sad for leaving Mumbai for 6 days! Seems I have entered into the comfort zone now!

My worst fear: What I am going to react if some one (I suppose most of the public-Guests!) comments :'When are you getting married?' or 'Koi dhundha hai?'or 'Kya plan hai!'!!and The most scary one:'Ab next eri bari!!' I hope I wont be rude! :D

Last one: I don't know if I should be happy for  a few numbers of teenage(??) pimples I have got on my face or not. They look bad :( and Yeah that will keep me away from match-maker aunties for sometime at the wedding that's the reason I am thankful to all pimples on my face.Sometimes they are adorable! :D

PS: I am still not sure why I am showing no signs of getting mentally ready for the wedding. Or may be I am just not ready to digest that my only eldest cousin(Sister) is getting married! :(


  1. Hehehe....Ppl ask such questions to show tht thy are normal and u react to0 it likewise. Be A Rebel....

  2. Ab toh shaadi kar hi lo :P