January 10, 2012

Then and now!

At 10am , the school time!
Me & My bro: Byyye Mummmaa....... (Her response was compulsory by us, or else we wont step ahead!)
                        Byyyee Papa...............(If papa is not on the business trip, then it was a  compulsion too!)
                        Byyyee Maaaaa...........(She would be there to wave us till the gate!)
(My dadima, She was the person who would be behind us to leave on time, so it was never a compulsion, it was a habit..For us and for her!)

After some years:
My brother used to go early for exams. Even at 6'0 clock in the morning when he used to leave,
He would wake me up from deep sleep like a monster (Yeah, he had grown up very big then and now he looks like my elder brother monster!)
Brother: *Zor se hilate hue or pulling my blanket* Didi...I am leaving for exams!!
Me: *Feeling irritated and then realizing the fact!*All the best!!!!!!
(It was such made a compulsion made by him, he would never leave home before my wish!)

(Today's happy realization moment!)
Awaz from outside : "Byyyeee Mummma , byee Papa...Byeee Ashu........."..."Byyye Vedant...."

I was just wearing my shoes and leaving for office and I realized what I was missing.
There was no-one to say 'Good bye' to me!!
Even my brother is now habitual of the fact that I am not in Ahmedabad,but he calls me during exam-time!
I just pushed earplugs in my ears, Felt the song in the air and started walking!
The song was,

"Ankho mein sapne lie, Ghar se hum chal to die..Jane ye rahein ab le jaegi kahan...
Mitti ki khushbu aye, palakon mein ansu lae..Palako mein reh jaega yadon ka jahan..
Manzil nayi hai anjana hai carvan...Yadonka jane hoga kya........"

PS: On a positive note, I am not alone. I have my family always with me wherever I go and of course my closest buddies. Ah, and something I am indulging into,given by them, Have a look at them! My normal click!


  1. Good Choice of Books!!!!Really good Suggestions


  2. @Shana:I think you havent read the fourth one :D

  3. A sweet nostalgic post :)