January 2, 2012

Yara.. silly silly!

A college friend of mine gave me big galis yesterday.

While chatting after ages!

He pinged me , I started screaming (Online screaming!) Which number of yours is working?I tried to call you on your birthday and all...

The wost part was , another friend of us Ni, whom I had called to take this ex-birthday-boys' latest number dint help me to!! Disgusting!! (Over expressed?) We are great college buddies!

The ex- birthday boy: Yaar give me your number!
Me: What?? You don't have my number?! (I wanted to tell him,'Dude I have only 2 numbers unlike 34739 of yours!)
The ex- birthday boy: Sorry yar, I have lost my mobile and so all numbers! Please give Ni's Number too!
Me: No.
The ex-birthday boy: Esa kya karti hai...(3)
Me: '9*********' Ni's number!
The ex- birthday boy:Yours?
Me:Take it from him. :P :P
The ex- birthday boy:'Nalayak.....'

Log out  :/ :D

This is called an 'attitude, Silly attitude'!!
This is for you , The ex- birthday boy and Ni!

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