January 30, 2012

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai!

Its my rishta with Chocolates! Chill.

I think its all because of my parents, especially mom who also loves chocolates. Don't even underestimate the word 'Love'! In my family a chocolate bar or any chocolate flavoured food item is divided in 4 crispy parts. :D Till now. There are 4  kids now for chocolates at home :D

I don't remember how the 'rishta' started , but but Yeah I remember my mom bribing me a chocolate or a dairy milk if I finish my meal ,I remember myself demanding a dairy milk for any task or any prank given to finish by my buddies, seniors, cousins.

When my papa went out of country for the first time before some 10 years, I remember a small bag came to our place full of chocolates with him on his return. Bubblegum and her brother both were hugging Papa and the bag together! How silly! But that's called the 'rishta'!

The craze for dairy milk actually got converted into cravings for chocolate ice creams, milkshakes,chocolate kulfi,cakes and what not. I forgot any other flavour in the world. I felt heaven , pure love and passion you see! :D I still feel, only feel!

I started reading about chocolates and got to know black chocolate is good for heart,it makes your mood and it also make your face glow!! The rishta got stronger and stronger! Little less I knew the excess amount of attachment aggravated migraine attacks and body fat also! I still lived with 'I don't care' attitude.

I don't blame chocolates for my migraine or my plump cheeks. I really had to take a resolution this year to leave chocolate to control my carvings cravings-Tadap(??) and mood swings. I am doing it nice. I have found out a new passion, I still feel the same when I look at clicks of  chocolates and that I realized yesterday while going through my clicks :) 'No touching No touching..Only seeing Only seeing'. :D

So this one is to the below click-The rishta-Me andThe chocolate browny of Mochas!...In a form of  a Haiku,

Passion indulgence
are defined by you
Oh, chocolate
Wait for a year.

PS: A 'No chocolate year' will end up soon and ah, Don't judge the haiku, it was impromptu and kiddish :D


  1. control my carvings...hehehehhehehehhehe...r u carved?....that explains the nose...


    1. Thanks. Edited. Auto dictionary and my carelessness :D

    2. What nose. I can kill you for that, better not to comment shane.