January 13, 2012

A letter to The Boggart!

Dear Boggart,

Hope you are in a good 'Shape'!

I got introduced myself to you by the Harry Potter series. You were a new concept for me. I was not much affected.

Some days before when ‘Shana’ who actually made me read the series of Harry Potter, asked me something. I was blank , actually happy too. He asked ‘What will appear if the boggart closed in the cupboard get released  in front of you?!’ Now, for NHP people (No Harry Potter) I introduce you as ‘A shape-shifter that takes on the form of its intended victim's worst fear.’

I was blank. I kept on thinking for a few minutes. I realized ,I was not afraid of any one! No one! Yeyeyeye! Just that I get scared of circumstances and that’s it! May be a lizard or something? No! I think not the worst fear!

Eureka! I am a brave girl , I am a strong girl. I am a fighter! Thanks Boggart you made me realize the truth! I am much more confident , I was never before! I am really thankful to you!

Well, I would like to mention my buddy’s answer to his own question ‘Bubblegum-after some years weighing a lot many kilos than the current one!’! Lolz! True! Buddy , I can fight that too! J

So, Boggart , you are the person whose thoughts make me feel stronger and braver!

Be there always!Ah, I know you will have to come up in the shape of 'no-one' but the stronger 'me' will feel you!


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