February 12, 2012

Kalaghoda Festival and all :)

So, Frock buddy N was in Mumbai! Ah, how can I miss the fun when this event collapsed with the 'Kalaghoda Festival'. We had a very very tight schedule but we,with other 2 friends managed to visit and enjoy the festival and I managed to click some shots with great difficulties, Damn crowded place!

Why did I love the festival and that too in such a short visit!
  • Craft,painting and music!! How cant I love the festival!
  • Folk dance! Super like!!!
  • A wish tree, where different messages on posters were written and hanged by people! Loved the concept!
  • A sewa sadan initiative by kids! How to help someone everyday and feel the happiness!A craft display! I am not able to express right now! :D You have to select a card and you should do that particular helping activity written in the chosen card to spread smiles!
  • Crowd! Public humise to banati hai!
  • Ah, I was with my frock buddy and my other school seniors! So, I had to enjoy!
  • With Moshes cheesecake,gali ki bhel and yeah, juices! :) Loved them all!
  • Did I mention I bought wonderful and adorable anklets and earings from Colaba!My favourite place!
I couldn't work properly on my learnings of photography but with all people around me, public giving me dhakkas I managed some shots!

"Block prints"

"Four wonders of the world in lamps"-I dint get this click proper but still want to share!

"Dustbins for you sadness and worries!"  -Again I couldn't take the shot in a correct frame.

"Spread smiles by reading for some one else!"-The card I got from Sewasandan activity cardcollection.

"A wish-message on the wish tree-Why this kolaveri di-God"

"Lets create happiness together"-A pottery workshop shot , one of my favourites.

"Sketching his life"

"God's Jugalbandhi"

"Ganesha also supports-School chalein hum initiative"

"Illuminating Mumabi!"-I couldn't take a good click from my limited resources but I loved the actual scene-Awesome-Marine drives!

PS: Thanks to all buddies who actually smsed/called after reading my last post! Hey guys thank you, All is well"! Thank a lot :)


  1. Hey amazing pics !!!

  2. good job done :)

  3. I reallly think that u should join the course....U r awesomely talented !!!!


    1. Dost yeh duniya zhalim hai but hum bhi kuch kum nahi. will do it,wait and watch! :D

  4. weight and watch??????