February 15, 2012

Shocking surprises!

Face book- I don't want to even write about how it has made our life easy and complex. It seems you want all of your buddies, known people (who are not buddies!), family on one platform and aha...The privacy has to be a fake word for face book after that. Any one in your profile can see even see a friend (whom you also don't know!) of your friend from your friends profile and I can make more complicated sentences to express ! :D

So in last few days I have got many wedding invitations from my friends on Face book! When I see who is getting married to whom, I get shocking surprises.

The cases are like,

1.Your school friend is getting married to another school friend of your from your class only, and you wonder how come you don't know this purani love story  (Yeah for 14 years I was in the same school!! Junior KG to 12th!)

2.A garba group friend of yours is getting married to a school friend of yours. They met in a get together via you!!!

3.A distant relative (may be not relative but something like that!) is getting married to a senior of yours! :D

4.A college friend of yours is getting married to a sibling of your office-mate. Cool.

Okay, while reading one can replace 'You' with 'Bubblegum'!

Bubblegum is still in the state of shocking surprises.

Cheers to all would be dulha-dulhans!!

Bubblegum still thinks, why suddenly people around you are getting married!!!Ohh, She feels luckier! :D


  1. oooh wat should I say... Yes yes agreed that u get to know shocking things abt ur own frnds via FB... Well I guess I am also responsible to shock ppl (just like u) coz wat they saw was me married to our own school frnd.. :) he he he some ppl even pinged me to ask if it was true.... ha ha hv a shocking day urself...

    1. hAHAHAHA....I am also thinking in future I will surely use facebook to shock people :D

  2. I got so irritated with my Facebook account that I deleted it.

    1. Hahahhahahahahha...............Yeah I can see in future I might do that too! :D I had done deletion some 3 years before :D