February 2, 2012

In LDRs!

You are right! I am in LDR, Long Distance Relationship(s)! Ah...Don't grinnnnn now! Not that type ;)

I am in Mumbai , my parents-brother at home , Ahmedabad. My 2 bro-buddies in Delhi, my frock-buddy N again in Ahmedabad, I have one Pune-bro,bhabhi and at ex-pune and now Chennai-bro. For friends I can put a very very long list, all titar bitar in cities except Mumbai!! :D

So, I am in LDR. Now I can see some faces staring at me , oh common best-buddies , you people are there in Mumbai,so I am happy over here, but today its about my LDRs! :D

Distance makes me dull. LDRs are difficult, I realized! It starts in the morning , when Papa doesn't come to me and calls me by new names, daily to wake me up with a mug of milk. Mumma is not there to make me eat forcefully.My Younger bro is not there to fight with or laugh with on even a silly matter! My frock buddy N is not there to talk to and to do 'kands'! In office, I don't have to look back often- I don't have my 2 bro-buddies just behind my cubicle. I don't have my 2 best friends for our favourite girlie shopping talks on the office-floor! I don't have my 1 pune and 1 ex-pune brothers to talk to and make my own mazak :D I am happy ,my evening walks actually compensate for all.

Hey, here I am not to crib! There are some really really positive things about LDRs.

  • They make me sane.
  • They make me less hyper.
  • They make me independent.
  • They make me realize the value of all these relations.
  • They make me a person who knows herself, very well.
They are important and I learn to keep in touch.I learn to grow them.

This is to all of them!!!Who, live far away and still dwells in my life!!  Cheers!!

Ah, I dint add in the list, They make me miss all of them!