February 7, 2012


Someday you just like to keep quiet, you enjoy the silence,rather kindda pain of silence. You just get out of your bed, work like a programmed robo to finish off daily work without feeling anything and start for the office. You step out and realize its pretty cold, you feel like going inside and put on your woolly jacket, but you don't.

You are not in a hurry, though you are late by some 10 minutes.You just walk keeping ear plug in your ears and music in the air. Even music is not making sense, which is unusual.

Your skin is feeling the dry breeze, you try to cover your face with a scarf, you don't feel anything. You call your mom , but you fail to talk to her. Her phone is switched off and you give up. You try to call a buddy of yours but you cant.

You see a team-mate of yours just opposite to your office-gate, but you just escape before he realizes its you! You try to feel the music while reaching your office-building. The friend of yours greets you with a high figh, you give but half heartily.

You try to analyse and think over, what has happened to you? You are showing your normal nature to all and fake smiles, but what is that, which is bugging you??

You realize, you don't want to answer.You have got the answer that you don't want the answer. so you smile :)

May be you have started loving and respecting all emotions,even numbness.

PS: Ah, that some day is today! : / I think I am a grown up girl today!

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