February 6, 2012

Lucky mascots!

Do you believe in them??Yes,Lucky mascots? Well, its a human tendency to believe in these things and but, the human should be a normal one.I have seen some humans who actually don't believe in luck or mascots or both! I think my father falls into the second category and I used to be in the first one to some extent!! :D

I remember, my first board exam of 12th STD, My father was driving me to the school, I realized I dint carry my watch! I told papa, to drive back but he removed his own (awesome) watch and gave it to me! Mugambo khush hua! Eventually, I felt the first paper of Biology was also awesome for me and I started relating it with the awesomeness of the watch.So, finally Papa, dint get his watch for other 10 days of my board exams! And..Yeah It was proved in the results how awesomely it was lucky for me!! My papa still refuses for the same and in fact I also feel I was silly at that time!My father still has a doubt that it was a "shadyantra" to get his 'awesome' watch! :D

I also had a lucky compass box which was thrown out by my mom, as she felt it was absolutely kiddish and old for a college going girl after my last exam!I also used to have a lucky t-shirt which I used to wear on critical days of my life such as results and exams!It was also thrown out of my house, after I left for my job!

Just before some days I realized some of my friends think if I take lunch with them, be with them, they get better career opportunities or they get engaged!! Nokari ya chhokari! I think I am going to take full mouke ka full fayada!Ah, I am lucky for my brother too! He never used to step out without my wishes during his exams! :) In fact my parents also believe the same, and I am super happy that now I will consider this fact or faith while giving them hints for my birthday gifts! :P

On a serious note, I have almost stopped believing in these lucky mascots. I have grown beyond this whole phenomena.But but looking at the benefits of being lucky mascots for others, I restrain to stop them believing. Thankyouverymuch! :)


  1. oye lucky,lucky oye!!!!!
    One of my friends believed that if he did not take a bath on the exam day, his exams would go well...lucky for him,not so lucky for the others!!!!!!


    1. hahaha! I am lucky for some persons and for some people I am a 'duvidha'! :D

  2. I too had a lucky dress that made me succeed in every exam...but as clothes have it, it too had a life and once it died...I gave up my superstition too :(