February 22, 2012

Fool of thoughts?!

Disclaimer: A typical Bubblegum rant and a typical silly post! :)

I have developed a habit of thinking ,thinking a lot actually.

It's bad, I am at my best when I do things without thinking :D Be it a presentation or singing or dancing or even as crazy as playing pranks. My spontaneous self is more powerful than my thoughtful self.
So, I am trying to control my thinking-over thinking, which makes me silent, people get scared seeing me in my mute mode. :D People also than try to think why I think , I also think and there will be 'nothing' as an output! :D

I seriously need something to stop or discard the process.Its not I am not busy! I am busy like hell these days and I love to stay busy. But, still I think a lot and I am very much efficient it seems!

Over thinking makes me stressed. I think about me,my job,my future,my family,my buddies to my handbag and earings too!! I have become sensitive and reactive to the situation.I am getting suffocated as I try to hide my expressions subconsciously.

It is not at all a devdas/sad situation. I am just lost somewhere in thoughts.

Chill Bubblegum, you have to keep on bubbling!Bubblegum you have zillion plans to have fun with friends!

I need to stop over thinking,stop worrying may be. I have to be bindas again!

One of my bro-buddies tells me the reason of my fluctuating health,and that is my mind. My mind runs at supersonic speed and body is left behind , imbalance to hona hai hai system mein! :D

I believe of I am not ready not even Baba Ramdev or Shilpa Shetty's Yoga/Pranayam can help. But this time I am making a fool of myself, Fool of thoughts!!

Ek laaaaaamba Kit-kat ya Chit-Chat break to banata hai boss!!!


  1. time or date bata chit chat karne ke liye!!!!!


    1. Shana has become Dedh-Shana I guess :D