February 8, 2012

Ramblings of my mind!

What do you blog when actually you have so much to share, but not in a flow, you run out of words. Not even 2 things fall in the same category that you can write! Generally I shoot random bullets. But, today I thought of making a basket full of feelings and just enjoy writing them, expressing them!

Like this I sometimes feel null,numb and the mood swingzzzzz like this, and I am either on the top of the world or feeling low or null! :/

Sudden workload, is not making any difference in what I do regularly. I think I am too good at multi-tasking except getting frustrated if my plan goes wrong! :D I should feel the work load but I am not feeling, and I am tensed why! :D

I am sure February is going to be the month of 'Karma'! I have so so so many tasks to do and I am sure I am going to enjoy staying busy! I would like to add, it wont affect the usual jokes I crack or my office buddies crack. The sixth sense of mine (Jo bechari pehle se thodi si weak hai!) tells me the month is either going to change my world ie. atmosphere around me or going to be the foundation of the change! Baki hum to bhai jese hai wese rahenge! :)

New songs no more make any sense to me! They don't make me feel anything! What has happened to all new music composers!? Ah, I must add writers also in the list! I am still dwelling in Kishore-Asha-Rafi-Lata songs or in the era of Madhuri,Sridevi! :D I guess, I need to even get into the Gujarati Sugam Sangeet again! Ah, my lost  thrown out  dream of a new smart phone or an i-pod is still bhatakking somewhere! Sorry dear, there are 6 more months to go! :D

I have a biiiig list of to-do things in my mind, and looking at the workload it refuses to appear on paper as it also contains a lot of enjoyment activities and pamper-yourself jobs :D

Books I have to read-list simply starts with the 6th and 7th part of Harry Potter series, followed by some really good books for serious-matured-not-so-kiddish people!  :D

My balidan and tyag of chocolates and coffees aka my resolution 2012 has become easier for me, I am being pro at ignoring them and I have successfully ditched them till now. As I told some of my friends, teasing me while enjoying chocolates and ice creams , "Tyag kia to darna kya!", the task is daunting but I am also adi hui!

So, I should conclude now (Hightime to stop, 'Bakwas bandh kar'!), that this post of mine is simply my blabberings-ramblings of my mind. Insane and still I loved it!! :D

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