February 1, 2012

Why I blog!?

This is the question every time I used to ask myself on receiving comments on my blog, and the answer is keeping me sane. 'I blog for myself'- keeps me get going-go blogging.

I never used to write in childhood, yes I remember writing dialogues for dramas,ekdum fatichar they seem now. I had tried one zillion times to write a diary and I think apart from this blog I had made one successful attempt for some 2 months. The diary seems silly-maha silly now.I  Digressed.

So, why do I blog. I started blogging as I felt I should ,after getting inspired by all those bloggers in my favourite list.I remember I wrote first on how I spent my birthday a year back, mailed them to my close pals.My buddy-bro and an office mate encouraged me to blog. I started a blog after some 2 months of this kick! :D I tried everything, serious write-ups to poems to humour. Okay one confession , as a sugam sangeet and ghazal as well hindi bolly-song fan, I loved writing poems! I just love meaningful lyrics and I make it a point to get the meaning of the whole song.Digressed again.

Once I started blogging, I got many many encouraging comments from my pals and some bloggers I dint even know.I am really thankful to them. I got comments on my grammar errors, my spelling mistakes and a lot of other typos. Some times I felt like stop blogging , a blog is not a my cup of tea-sort of feelings. Somehow I kept on writing , I also improved a bit. I felt like crying, when a friend of mine told me, he reads my blog to check, how my language is and how come I write with so many errors and with so much besharami.I asked myself the question, "Why I blog?!"

I blog as I feel like blogging. Blogging makes me feel good after a hectic day. It makes me feel light. I love to express and blogging is the platform to express be it a rant, a happy post or just a concept. It doesn't let me feel suffocated. I try to find words to express and bingo, blogging is just awesome and jakkas.

I think, I should ask the question , a powerful one every time I feel like stop blogging. I wont ever stop!

To hell with all those typos and errors, to hell with stupid-silly-long posts, to hell with all digressions, I just enjoy blogging and so will never ever stop it. Amen.

PS: It doesn't mean I wont improve!!Yeah I am rude today!


  1. happy for you!! keep blogging :)

  2. Ur blog here makes me ponder on the question ' Why do I read ur blogs?....Still awaiting the answer.


  3. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..wrong answer....must be more deeper than that


  4. Well well , time pass- with deep involvement!! :D

    aree, use 'reply'!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog...its fun knowing peope and all that goes on in their lives :)
    So keep writing bubblegum :)

    1. Yesss!! Will never ever stop blogging :) :) Thanks for the support! :)

  6. the vary obvious question for most of the bloggers..

    keep writing..