February 14, 2012

i-am-touched :)

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine's day in our department, which is suppose to be the most interesting and brilliantly cultured department in our sector.  :D

Generally we play a number of games relevant to the event. So, it was a valentines day and people of all age were included. I generally don't fly high on this valentine's day and hate the way it is made commercial.I hate typically pink hearts and teddies displayed in shops! They suck and make things forcefully adorable.Digress.

The most touching (& hurting) game was the 'Guess game', in which we were made to listen some person's recorded message to the family member-who works in our company and we have to guess that employee's name through hints in the message.

It went so well-listening to messages from mothers,daughters and spouses!! I was heart broken but there was no message for me (Yeah I expect such things!), I missed my parents so so much. I think all bachelors who live in Mumbai but are not from the city,felt the same.

I dint call my mumma or papa, as my voice would have shivered and made them worried.

The day ended, while walking back to my place, I told one of my best buddies the whole scene and my feelings. I missed my home, my family. I missed my old buddies, who would have certainly planned something in the event for me.

The reaction from my buddy-" I can understand, par I am there na."

I was touched.

When the whole world seems to be unknown to you and suddenly your buddy appears and holds you hand to support, you feel warmth and calmness na? I felt the same.

I think, I have a bunch of friends who doesn't let me miss my family more than a few hours. Thanks buddy for that damn touchy line :)


  1. Sounds like u has an awesome valentines day


    1. Yeah actually that one dialouge made my day and fir hum hai waha fun hai :)

  2. Ah! Thanks for sharing the story and I hope the 15th was a better day for you:)

    1. Yes yes always :) Thanks for wishes! :)