February 26, 2012

Sunday ke fundae!!

Sundays are always special, as this Sunday I had nothing special in my plan , I re-planned and gained some special fundaes (Okay-Fundaes to kill/pass your time) to share with all readers and blog-friends.

Fundae-1: If you feel homesick, call your buddies (not all) who have left the city where you are currently and you really had to suffer the sudden change in your life. Please throw all your anger on him/her. Hmmm.. Did you feel better? Well please don't call all buddies, as you might get disowned by your buddies you call. Preserve others for the next 'homesick' weekend :D

Fundae-2: If you dream about a particular food-dish, you smell almost every minute, try all your luck to drag at least a friend to go the destination by hook or by crook,even if your most of friends are out of the city. You are a charm, you will get at least a friend to come along,make sudden plans and enjoy :)

Fundae-3: You can play 'angry birds' to throw out the frustration. It is awesome! It kills time, diverts your mind and when you see the 'angry expressions' of birds, you really feel good :D

Fundae-4: Find a cute baby of one of your neighbours, play with him/her, tell stories and enjoy! But, when his/her mom comes to you to take him/her back , you might really feel bad , as the kid might become a fan of yours :D He might hug you and just refuse to go back! :D

Fundae-5:Youtube. It has some super silly and stupid videos which might make you 'lol' all the time. Yeah you can find some senti-emotional and inspirational stuff also. Ah, you can also irritate people by sending a silly video link when they send you a real wonderful inspirational emotional video links. :D

Fundae-6: Last but not least!! Blog-draft about all your time pass fundaes and feel amazed about your potential. But, you dont feel like posting it and then after a day you feel like posting it and you post it too! Bingo. Ah, but then you remember its Monday today, you don't need these fundaes :D

PS: Yes, Fundaes are tried and tested. Ah, tasted too-Cheesecake! :D No wonder why one of my bro-buddies calls me 'Chuhi' and 'Jerry' :D, I name you 'Tom', dada :D

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