February 24, 2012

I dont want him-He is back.

I saw him yesterday. He came inside my home without my permission.

I couldn't do anything. I was blank, I couldn't scream. I couldn't show my anger or fear. I was freezed.

He came to my place some months ago, I had taken enough care after that. I prayed he should not be back.

But, he is back.
I have to face the fear every time I go home. I live with fear in my own place. He comes, he sits aramse, he stares at me,he enjoys my fears and then go inside.

I stand there, I shout sometimes,"Go away you looser", but he doesn't. He leaves when he wants.

I have dealt with some jerks like him before also, albeit with the help of my not-so-brave roomies.

I am scared, yes he is back, please somebody save me, save my roomie from the fear!

He is back.-The mouse. I don't want him.



  1. Time to get Mortein home :)
    Take care!

  2. abe phattu! (guess my name)

    1. I dont play 'name game'! Khud mein himmmat hai to name likh yahanp!!Duniya ke samane!!


      PS: You can be Shana or Manan... :D