February 28, 2012

Pimple-y live!

Ok fine. Better late than never.

I have started getting typical teen-age pimples on my face, at the age of 24. Yes. I never had them in my teen-age. This has raised quite a few discussions at my office.

Okay, the 'saddest PJ 'ever cracked by me is mentioned in the title when I realized its a typical kind of teenage pimples. Yeah Pimpley-live! :D The PJ was followed by a live blank-expression on the face of my buddy :D

The buddy sitting just opposite to me,commented  in Marathi "Tarunyapitika", and started laughing, others also joined. They finally declared that they might take me a bit seriously as I am out of my childhood phase and now in the teenage phase at the age of 24! :/

One buddy of my gang- '3 bandar office k andar', also commented something on my physical age and mental age which was ignored by me :D I dint listen to him :D I could only hear laughter. Ah, common being the youngest one in the group is a painful thing too!!!!!People get jealous of my maturity levels you see :D

Okay here is a theory,originally made by my friend,Shana and edited by Bubblegum,

I am aggressive & I seem to be 'Sikh' (My surname makes people think, I am sikh!) and Pimples actually thought I was 'Sick',not 'sikh' and they came to me, albeit at the wrong age :D

Okay, to avoid eggs thrown by you people I go to wash my face and apply some medicines to just kill the,

"Pimple-y live!" :D

PS:Sorry I am horrible at PJs and they were called as 'Zeher' by one of my buddies, truly! Some eggs for you too Shane :D


  1. pimples dont come to sick ppl, popat


    1. They do they do, Specially when one has indigestion :D