February 21, 2012

Toony memories.

Cartoon Network, the most loved tv channel by My brother and me and hated by Mumma. Period.

I don't know from when I started following the channel, but certainly it was not before my brother started,my younger brother.

Early memories related to cartoons are of  'The Jungle Book'. The title track is something I still love (Actually all title tracks of all cartoons except of 'Road Runners') and I still have that in my mobile :)

I used to follow 'The Disney hour' very regularly before I was glued to Cartoon Networks. I really loved all characters in Disney Land of Paris I visited after years!

First my brother was glued to the channel and it was then compulsory for me to watch all of them.We started with Richie Rich, I was so so so much fascinated by the whole concept, may be from there only I picked up my interest in Robotics.Our favourite was 'Swat cats' too, known as 'Chhote Miyau and bade miyaun ' in hindi version. Fighter planes,the war,missiles and aerobatics!! We loved them the most!! :)

I must mention the reason why my brother ate 'spinach' in his childhood was 'The Popeye'! The way the Popeye fought was the only reason my mumma could make him eat Spinach or any bhaji in the name of spinach.

I can not forget to mention, 'Scooooby doooby Doo'!! We very much loved it! We used to keep on singing the track while playing ,in fact I remember playing bhoooot, the ghost with white cloath on the body! I also remembered after some days we had got warnings of being kicked out of our place by mom :D

I used to hate the whistle by Road Runner, bipppp beeeeeep! And, I still used to watch the silly cartoon, along with 'Looney Toons!'. I used to love the Bugggss Bunnny show!! :)

There was a phase in our childhood when we used to live on cartoon networks.(Exactly it was my brother's childhood, mom still says I was elder enough not to get fascinated by cartoons like other girls of my age , but then she was convinced I was(am) a tomboyish girl by that time!) Summer vacation- Cartoon Network, cousin's get together-Cartoon Network, Khate khate-Cartoon Network,Lets draw something?-Cartoons, Lets buy compass boxes/toys/frocks/tee shirts-Cartoons. Only my passion for reading never got affected.

But then I grew up. I was little less immatured and crazy.

It was so nice to get an sms from my brother some days before my parent's wedding anniversary to discuss about the gift,

'Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you, we've got some work to do now...
Scooby Dooby Doo, we need some help from you now...'

The sms I had saved in my 'Important messages' folder, I just read it, I am feeling Nostalgic!! :)

I am love in'it :)


  1. hahahahahhahahahahahahaahh.....yeh hain arabian night!!!!!!

    1. He mahan Anon, Please name youself so that I can counter comment :D

  2. Awww. Thanks for this. Brings back many great memories.

    I also used to love watching Duck Tales and Tales Spin which used to come on Sunday mornings on Doordarshan. This, however, was before the advent of cable TV in India.

    1. Tab to hum paida bhi nahi hue the :D

    2. ~laughs~ Now you're making me feel old... :P

    3. ohh!! Miss junior(a.k.a senior) thodi late paida hui thi :P :P

    4. @Shekhar: I cant help u in that case! Yeah being old is good, not that bad :)

      @Sam: Bihch mein comment mat mar! I am the senior!! Okay!?

  3. duck tales.....wohoooho...