February 16, 2012

Falling in love..

I am. I am falling in love with myself! Ah, I was always but now toh, too much into it. I don't feel I am the perfect person or I am the best , I love myself with all my faults and flaws. I even enjoy the process of improving them.

I have started feeling luckier day by day. I have started feeling what time I am living right now, is not going to come back, it will change me and my life and I must seize these moments and make them brighter.

I feel I am improving in putting my views, I am going back to my basics where I always used to rebel against odd, I want to tell the world what I feel. Which way I am conservative and which way I am not. I am improving. I would like to thank my parents, grandfather (dadaji-will write about this part later), my best buddies, to make me and bring me back what I was.

I just enjoy having lunch and chai with my very few old office buddies. I just love insane jokes we crack on each other every time. I just love being youngest of all, with a pinch of jealousy when I hear they want to leave our company for better opportunities and the bitter truth is I cant, as I don't have that much experience. But but but, Jitne din hai utne din, I want to just carve them in my dil-dimag in a happy frame!

I just just love calling my mumma and tell my office stories, I love talking to my besties and share my family-work place stories. Basically I love my own talking-chit-chatting-story telling skill :D

I am enjoying my work-work I am doing for my own career. I am enjoying staying busy.

I need to read few more books, yeah I am done with The Harry Potter. I am still in Hogwarts, I feel. :) Some more books... :)

I  love myself , when I enjoy the Kulfi to eternity and then get cold the very next hour :D

I am falling in love,Ah already in love..Love with myself :D


  1. Happy Yappy lil simple childish innocence with a huge dollop of self indulgence aint it?! :)

    1. Hahaha...Lejin Exactly what do you want to express??? :D