February 13, 2012

A Whirlpool of thoughts.

Yes, I am going through a whirlpool of emotions today, of course I am not sad, but Yes, I am touched, I am happy and I am smiling with tears. Reasons for tears are unknown.

I am having a gorgeous life, I am aiming towards a happy future. I don't want a perfect life, My life should be full of struggles, excitements and thrilling stories to tell. I don't want to be boring. I want to just fight all my fears and problems,spark like a 'dynamite'! I am content and still I dream, dreams give me references to live-live with joy-sorrow. Yeah sorrow too, it is also a human emotion, we must respect all emotions!

I always make a list-a list of what I want to feel. I want to feel the excitement of bungee jumping, I want to feel the serenity of walking bare foot on wet sand of a freaking-beautiful beach.I want to just cuddle in a super warm blanket and sleep in a city facing heavy snow fall. I want to play in snow too! I want to scream at the top of my voice while enjoying a ride of a roller coaster! I want them all...Some day in life!

I don't want to plan what I am going to do for next 2-3 months. They are crucial for my career. Ah, April is coming. I want this universe to plan out for me! Yeah, it doesn't mean I am just going to live aimlessly. I just want to flow with this amazing time.

I am not afraid of people-buddies leaving me my city-Mumbai. I am habitual. I am not going to make new friends unlike my actual nature- I am going to preserve you people in my life. I am waiting for the moment when I will be on the other side and you people will feel my pain- touch wood that would never happen. Its painful-I threw that statement in anger!

Today, I am feeling I am trapped in a Whirlpool, and a base of the whirlpool was of negative emotions, I guess by blogging positive I have changed its direction towards positivity. I am going to make this Whirlpool a driving force of my life. :)  Amen.


  1. On this V-day, I want to profess my feelings to you.
    I love you Dwija!!