February 5, 2012

School chalein hum..

So, while walking down to office, in the morning, I changed my route! It passes from a school.

I observed so so many tiny kids with bags bigger than themselves.They were carrying water bottles which looked like water tanks in front of their small structures!I saw a little girl holding her papa and asking him not to drop her to the school with tears in her eyes and her papa smiling with her bag on his shoulders!

I saw a girl holding 2 water bottles followed by her tiny younger brother! 2 kids wearing cool eye gears and giving high fighs to each other and their moms busy in talks!

I was feeling nostalgic!!! Flashback!!!

I was telling papa, I have a headache and stomach ache and don't want to go to school! Papa, asking me what happened?? I told him frankly, a medical check up is there and doctors will come. My senior had asked me not to come as those doctors are monsters, they would make me ill! Papa tried to make me understand that its not true but I was crying hard. After sometime, mom gave me my favourite, danhi and thought I would start for the school!..No.. Suddenly my fai(bua) called and asked me to talk to her , she told me "I am coming!" This bua like my all other buas is a doctor and I used to be confused, so used to call her " M doctor" instead of "M fai"!  :D I was all ready to rock the school as "M doctor" is going to come, I started for the school!

I recalled all my days going happily to school with frock buddy N in school-vans! Of course riding our "horns wali" hero rangers and reaching school!

Ah, I got an sms and my mobile vibrated. Flashback over!

I think I  need my "M doctor" and "frock buddy N" today to go to office! Its a Monday morning!! :P

PS: This long post for a small feeling of mine is important to me!


  1. School memories are the best! Reminders of a time when fun was innocent and life was simple.

  2. Nothing like reminiscing about old school days! Sometimes you wish you could do it all over again!

    1. Very true!! Even feeling them is enough to give a kick start of the day!But,feeling them is so very difficult too!