February 27, 2012

Pink and me!

I think I loved the colour 'Pink' in childhood when I never thought I have to be a tom boyish girl and even if I become one, I don't have to give up 'pink'! :D

I remember, I had so so many frocks and skirts gifted to me in Pink and my all time favourite purple shade.I adored them all. I loved them and I used to feel them-Feel pink!

Slowly in the male dominated classes, in the rage and race of moving ahead of boys, I started disowning 'pink'. I felt I have to be with guys, be like them to move ahead and prove myself. So, I left 'Pink'. I tried to dislike and hate 'Pink'. College days went in blues and blacks (Ah, they are still my favourite) and forcefully fooling myself that I don't like 'Pink'.

Once I got my job in Mumbai, I started feeling blues and then 'Pinks'! Yes! I have started loving it back. I want to have almost every potential thing which can look adorable in pink. In fact not the tacky pink, kindda baby pink and some 2-3 darker shades than that, albeit in combination with some other colour.Ah,picky I am.

I feel I am back, Bubblegum is back to original. I call myself now a girlie tom-boy and that's what I am! I absolutely love all my independent guys like skills and mindsets to my girlie characteristics (Earings and anklets in main!).

With accepting this pinky phenomena,

I seize myself in 'PINK'!!! :)

Ah, as Miley Cyrus said, "Pink is not just a colour, its an attitude!!!!"

PS:I really love my gray-pink shoes :) Oh okay dont stare they are pretty sober and stylish.


  1. Get the mahindra vehicles in pink... :;)

    1. Yucks! I bet I Will dedicate that to you!!

      Btw which Vaibhav? I know a lot many :D