February 19, 2012


I am always keen on developing kands!!

So,obviously,it is Sunday today!I have tiny stories,ah kands to tell you people today!

  • I woke up with my grandmother (Ma) in my dreams, the dream woke me up in the dream itself and then it was followed by an earthquake in the dream! :D Finally I woke up, relatively early for Sundays!I must recall the song-'Ek din sapne mein dekh sapani,woh jo hai na Latadidi apni'-Golmal!
  • I started working and reading news papers on something and suddenly saw the watch showing 12.24pm, I realized I had to reach a near by venue of my friend's wedding at 12.45pm! I had to leave by 12.30pm so I had exactly 6 minutes to decide what to wear, get ready! :D I think I am fed up of attending marriages this year!
  • I actually logged in the facebook zillion times and after next 5 minutes went offline every time! Yeah,people who were pinging me either got pissed off by my status or were too busy to note!
  • I suddenly got a gmail, my airtel broadband bill was due today! My online account to pay was not working and so I went to a shop nearby to pay the bill. I was asked  the land line number of the connection. I still think, why the bill shows only account number and not the land line number?! I had to dial total 17 digits after dialing 121 to get the concern person!!! Holy cow!Ah, yeah It also took some zillion stares by people passing by, as I kept on walking on the lobby of the shop while doing this exercise on the phone!
  • My sudden urge to eat Idlii(note-masala one) made me and my roomie to visit the only option available in our area. The slow process of getting our order of tawa masala idli in the 'fast food' dint rise any doubt about the quality of the food. Here I am typing this while sipping soda after trying options like cold milk, water etc to make my stomach feel thoda- ekdum thoda better after eating the not-so-common food-dish.
  • I hope yeh Sunday-kand(s) idhar hi samapt ho jae , as it is already 11 past 9! Please bhagvan ab is raat ko thodi si boring banado..My ki(a)nd atma should rest now, its Nashik time tomorrow.


  1. I hope your tummy is better after the idli episode :)
    I agree about the annoying need to punch in 100 other options to get hold of the person responsible for telecom queries :(
    Have fun!

    1. Yes yes I am feeling better now!!! ;) Thankkks!!