September 8, 2011

Addictively addicted..

There are some things (Living or dead??!!) I am highly addicted to and I really cant survive without them ( Only a dialogue , though its never so for any human being!)...

  • Internet : I am so heavily addicted to it that be it a place, a thing , a shopping plan , songs,dresses, medical treatments,ticket booking to all stuffs, i need Internet.. And i simply believe I owe a lot to the Internet!!!
  • Chocolate cakes: Well no reason or explanation needed I guess! I simply can not compare chocolate cakes with any thing else!! Specially if it is 'Chocolate fantacy' of CCD!!
  • Dance: Give me any form of dance I will go mad!! ( weather I have learnt it or not!)..You name it and I will give my 100% be it Bharatnatyam, Kaththak, Garba, Contemperary or Hiphop.
  • Music: I love and I really love songs!! Surprisingly I listen to instrumental very less as I do have a good/bad habit of singing while keeping my ear plugs of Ipod in my ears!! I just go mad if i cant sing!!
  • Bollywood films: I am deeply madly in love with movies, which includes Andaz apna apna to Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies to Suraj Badjatya to Dabang style movies! I have so much of impact of these films on my masum dimag that I apply my filmy dialogues in any damn situation!! shuh!!
  • Blogging: I love , live my blog! Its not more than a few months I started blogging but it feels so so and so good when I blog that It has become my life's basic need!!!
  • Panipuri/Chat: Any kind of chat (Delhi chat,Papadi chat,danhi puri, Masala puri,Bhel Puri) and pani puri.. I just cant resist my self!! 'Name hi kafi hai'.. and 'ek bar jo hum commit karte hai fir apne aap ki bhi nahi sunate hai'!!!
All these my addictions are totally mine and I am responsible for them.. While indulging in them I am adding my number of addictions!!  :/

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