September 16, 2011

Shining sparks...

Generally I don't use things with love and care (Be it my Mobile,Laptop or even a Mug!)! But I am proud of my 'Sparks floatters' Which are there with the same shine and looks since 2 years!I use the pair very very very often!!...

May be its not about my only thing in  'Handle with care' list.. Its due to the brand and quality!! :/

But I got a series of shocks leaving me blank....

One fine day I(We) came to know that  me and My office-mate (Floor mate??) have the ditto same pair of the 'Sparks' floaters.. OK!! Same pinch!! That day only I met 2 other persons on the same floor with the same kind of (read 'Totally same'!) floaters!! The score is 4!!

After 2-3 days I went to purchase medicines in 'Welness forever' chain where the person on the billing counter was wearing again the same floaters!!It was original! The score is 5 now!!

I read an advertise of the same brand in the news paper showing the same design!!! :(

And...Alas...Just after that day my maid told me that there is a sale in near by 'Super market'!Where we can buy Original 'Sparks' with 30% discount..Pointing at the very very much same kind of floaters put on by her!!!.......!!!

I recalled the sms  : 'Ek ladaki ka dil sahi mayano mein kab tutata hai??....Jab wo apne hi jaisi dress maholle ki kamwali ko pehne dekhti hai'...!!

With due respect to my maid (You are doing great!!!) & 'Sparks'..'Blank'! :/

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