September 12, 2011

Desi-ing Bond!

Well while having the cheescake , Me and my friends ended up discussing about Indian versions of Bond..The James Bond!! What if we replace Bond in  place of our 'hit-super hit filmstar' punch lines!!..

Lets have a look! Dont come to kill me if you cant laugh! :P But some how ,getting high due to cheese cake, coke and KFC stuffs we laughed ..We laughed like no other day we had! :P

'Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagate hai name hai 'James Bond'!! (Oooo!! puattarji of bond!)

'Bond..Name to suna hi hoga!! (OMG-I cant imagine replacement of SRK!!)

'Kabhi kabhi kuch jitne ke lie kuch harna padta hai and harke jitne walo ko 'Bond' kehte hai!!'

'Mar gaya bond' (SRK special !!)

'Aap ne jail ki diwaro aur zanziro ka loha dekha hai jailor saab, Bond ki himmat ka faulad nahi dekha!"

'Mein hun James Bond, Ankhen nikalke gotiyan kheloonga'!! (Just imagine James Bond!!)

'Yeh James Bond ka Ishtyle hai!!' (Paresh Raval and James Bond????hehehehhe)

Just replace James Bond in the place of apne fulltoo filmy actors and imagine!!

The Power (Laughing power!) is yours!!  :) ;)

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  1. damn cool ..... we need a remake of all the bond films ... we already have a script writer here ....